Swollen Face

A swollen face typically refers to swelling around the eyes, lips and cheekbones.

When explanations for a swollen face are ruled out such as an allergic reaction, blocked lymph nodes, certain medications that cause water retention, and injury or infection, hypothyroidism may be the cause.

A Swollen Face Is One Of Many Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

A swollen face is one of the common Hypothyroidism Symptoms that people experience. A swollen face that is caused by low thyroid function is often referred to by medical professionals as “myxoedema.”

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In most cases, myxoedema is a later sign of hypothyroidism, that occurs in tandem with other hypothyroidism symptoms such as tiredness, weight gain, and constipation.

If you have a swollen face, it is a good idea to get your thyroid tested as it is one of many possible hypothyroidism symptoms.

Other Thyroid Symptoms

Are you experiencing any of these other common hypothyroidism symptoms?

Other Thyroid Symptoms

Are you experiencing any of these other common hypothyroidism symptoms?


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