Difficulty concentrating

Difficulty Concentrating

People with hypothyroidism can experience many challenges, and difficulty concentrating happens to be one of the more common symptoms of the disease.

People with difficulty concentrating report slower thinking, and issues with worsening memory.

If you are having difficulty concentrating, it is necessary to discover the cause as soon as possible, so that effective treatment can be pursued.

Difficulty Concentrating Is One Of Many Thyroid Symptoms

Difficulty concentrating is one of many thyroid symptoms. The thyroid hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) play an important role in helping the body use nutrients and oxygen to produce energy. The brain in particular needs glucose and oxygen in order to perform its job. As a result, the brain slows down when thyroid hormone levels are low. The decline in memory, learning, reasoning, and problem-solving skills makes it difficult to concentrate.

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The tricky part is that you can't diagnose hypothyroidism based on thyroid symptoms alone. Other cognitive diseases, such as dementia, may affect mental function as well.

If you are experiencing difficulty in concentrating, it is important to have your thyroid checked.

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Other Thyroid Symptoms

Are you experiencing any of these other common hypothyroidism symptoms?


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