Hypothyroidism Resources

These websites contain more information about thyroid disease and hypothyroidism:

Articles on Hypothyroidism

A Home Reference

Your Thyroid: A Home Reference,

Lawrence C. Wood, M.D., David S. Cooper, M.D., E. Chester Ridgway, M.D., 4th Edition, 2005, Ballantine Books, New York

ISBN: 0345466497

Thyroid Sourcebook

The Thyroid Sourcebook,

M. Rosenthal, 5th Edition, 2008, McGraw-Hill.

ISBN: 0071597255

The Everything Guide to Thyroid Disease

The Everything Guide to Thyroid Disease,

T. Friedman and W. Scherer, 2011, Adams Media Corporation.

ISBN: 1440528535

A Guide for Patients

Thyroid Problems: A Guide for Patients,

Ivy Fettes, M.D., edited by Fred Saibil, M.D., 2001, Coles Publishing.

ISBN: 0774038683